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Twitch Streamer, Connoisseur of Food (I'm just fat really), also a big fan of @SophOSRS she is very nice 💕

Joined on March 15, 2012

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Dying Streamer Update: Had more blood tests, waiting to see a specialist to get an ultrasound scan to see whats going on inside, until then I just wait, painful every day pretty shit but I'm hopeful it'll be sorted soon

I'll be back as soon as possible, I've been really enjoying streaming lately and I love my regulars/community so much, I just wish I could do a better job and give you what you deserve. See you soon :)

I just want let everyone know who don't already, I'm not live currently because for the past few weeks I've been suffering from pretty horrible chest pain/vomiting doctors think I have Gall Stones, making me absolutely miserable and not fit to stream

If anything we should be encouraging it more to normalize "non white cis voices"

Quoted @FerociouslyS

Oooo yeah whole lot of people with cis-white-male voices thinking voice chat is critical to competitive games being competitive. Tell me more about how we'll solve systemic misogyny and everything will be fine~ lol.

These people are on crack legit. How do you expect to solve social problems by avoid talking to other people

1 like and i'll go live

Third time sick in 3 weeks, somethings obviously fucked called the doctor, got an appointment tomorrow, from what I said she thinks I have a scuffed gall bladder Monka gl me

LMS in 2 pictures

LMS in 2 pictures

Some people have been told to get it out tbh but it is not the best thing for me and I'm sure you can do some things I don't know when I was a bit dopey and just like that I didn't have to be the same as a kid but you have a little bit more than you can get a taxi and the other

Dropped by Frontline (I think) Was a good run No more pking most likely, rebuilding stats, getting max gear then leaving it till the final :) Had fun!!

Big up @BellisOSRS and Blazers for offing me while I was skulled bank tanking my internet cut off and they just got off me, very rare in DMM Respect

LIVE If I can snag Augury I'll go pking on the DMM today, blazers probably need another max set anyway

Yo so I thought i'd go do the inferno on DMM and holy shit playing Hand Simulator & Club Penguin for 3 months on stream sure does make you trash at the game, if anyone wants to buy a DMM TBow LMK LOL

Buying Arcane scroll in DMM overpaying hmu :)

EZ for the flea
DMM drop #3 42 KC

EZ for the flea DMM drop #3 42 KC

Dry streak on dmm broken, first item dhcb @ 30 kc and anc bottoms at 34

Still down a few but I'm hoping the tides are turning :)

Dry streak on dmm broken, first item dhcb @ 30 kc and anc bottoms at 34 Still down a few but I'm hoping the tides are turning :)

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