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here is Dilley Watch @GeneralDilley's broadcast: President Trump Stares Down Terrorism, Social Media Resists, Liberals Conflate Protesting and Rioting" w/ Author Brenden Dilley #TheDilleyShow

Make no mistake about it. Democrat leadership wants America to burn to the ground so they can rebuild their version of what they want! For them, “the end justifies the means”. They’re using Bolshevik tactics! Watch what they say! Pay attention to history. Patriots, lock & load!

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They asked for it....they blatantly censor Conservatives....

Nice, Solmemes!

10 hours ago

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They asked for it....they blatantly censor Conservatives....

😂 Lol!!! Too Funny! #MAGA #Trump2020LandslideVictory 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Finally released today! #UnitedStatesofSocialism by @DineshDSouza D'Souza is a patriot, scholar and an American intellectual hero. In this book he finally delivers the KO punch to "Democratic socialism".

The Media is the Propaganda Wing of the Democrat party Hollywood is the Entertainment wing of the Democrat Party Universities are the indoctrination wing of The Democrat Party ANTIFA are the MILITARY Wing of the Democrat party #BlackLivesMattter

Because you got no chance! No chance in hell!

I think they just became best friends!

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They asked for it....they blatantly censor Conservatives....


The people supporting the protests are the same people who threatened to arrest you if you got a haircut.

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Leeeetttsssss goooooooooo! 😂 that’s what I’m TALKING ABOUT! Got his ass! 😂

PG Howie
19 hours ago

Do you think #CivilWar2 has started?

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JUST IN: Protests in Washington DC are hitting next level as rioters rush people's houses

@realDonaldTrump @FBI @TheJusticeDept 👀👇👇👇

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