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Herman Munster 🙏🏻💙

Ross Brawn if Seb at Mercedes is possible: "I think it would be possible. Lewis and Seb are very mature drivers, they get on very well. I think they respect each other enormously. It's always difficult to manage a team with that level of talent with both cars."

"Given that Ferrari has assisted in formulating the latest directives, it can be assumed that it has no concerns about being able to comply with them."

Quoted @wearetherace

BREAKING: A pair of #F1 technical directives have been issued by the FIA today. The Race understands these are a result of the Ferrari/FIA cooperation that was enshrined in their controversial private settlement announced earlier this year.

"The updated sensors will be fitted from the opening race to the cars of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull as the top three constructors in the 2019 championship – and subsequently to the other teams as they are available."

Helmut Marko: "If Seb doesn't get the Mercedes seat, I would say a year off. Watch what happens. For 2022, the budget cap comes, there's a whole new set of regulations. In his situation I think there are chances for him to get back into a winning team." #F1 #RTL

Everybody is a Sebastian Vettel in a Mercedes fan Even the F1 chiefs They're Seb in Mercedes fans 🤪🤪🤪

Helmut Marko to RTL: "If I assume that the test times in Barcelona have a certain significance, I don't believe that Ferrari absolutely belongs to the top teams [he means for this season]."


Helmut Marko to RTL: "If I assume that the test times in Barcelona have a certain significance, I don't believe that Ferrari absolutely belongs to the top teams [he means for this season]." #F1

Helmut Marko: "The situation in the team: Seb will certainly not let himself be told anything, so there is a great rivalry there. I also think that Seb didn't renew his contract is probably because he didn't see the technical potential at Ferrari to help him win a new title."

Ross Brawn was asked if he would take Seb at Mercedes next to Lewis if he were the team principal Ross Brawn: "I have to understand what Seb's objectives and ambitions are, if he still has the passion and hunger, then yes. It would be a great combination." #SkyGermany

How possible is Seb at Mercedes? Ross Brawn: "If I am honest, I don't know. I don't know what Toto's thinking is. It would be a pretty appealing combination, I must admit. But yeah fingers crossed." #SkyGermany

[ F1 Artwork Collaboration🏎️🎨]
F1합작에 참여한 그림 입니다🥳


#SebastianVettel #SEB5

[ F1 Artwork Collaboration🏎️🎨] F1합작에 참여한 그림 입니다🥳 more: #SebastianVettel #SEB5

➡️ : The final in the Middle East is considered fixed. Bahrain would prepare to host two races within a week, like Austria and England. Abu Dhabi only wants the final race of the season. ➡️ : Races in Singapore, Azerbaijan and Japan are supposedly not happening this year.

#AMuS The first 8 F1 races are fixed. But where do the remaining races happen? The latest news: 2 more races in Europe: candidates are Hockenheim, Mugello & Imola. Since there is already a race Italy, Hockenheim has the best chances for a race in Sep.

#AMuS Toto Wolff: "I don't believe that Carlos would go to Ferrari and think: I'm second fiddle there now. And Albon will also want to make a name for himself at Red Bull. You should never think that a No. 1 & No. 2 situation works because every driver has the ambition to win."

#AMuS Toto Wolff: "We would have done it differently. But I don't want to judge whether what the others have done is right or wrong."

#AMuS Toto Wolff about the early driver announcements: "You need both cars to score points. If both drivers are on the same level, they will both be on the same spot of the track. Then maybe one or the other driver has nothing to lose because he has no future in the team." #F1

#AMuS Toto Wolff: "With us, both drivers always have the same opportunities at the beginning of the year. Last year with Valtteri, it was quite balanced for a long time. But we want to give both of them the chance to drive for the championship title." #F1

#AMuS Toto Wolff about the Ferrari driver announcement: "Everything was quite unusual. The five-year extension with Charles is relatively long. That's not really usual, even if you count him among the exceptional drivers." #F1

#AMuS Toto Wolff saw the separation between Vettel/Ferrari coming: "Somehow we felt that the atmosphere between Sebastian and the team was not so good. But announcing the new driver pairing before the season, just like McLaren, is something we wouldn't do." #F1

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