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6 hours ago

The 2022 World Cup will take place on time despite the knock on from the coronavirus pandemic, the host state Qatar has pledged. Sky's middle east correspondent @Stone_SkyNews spoke to Qatar's foreign minister. Watch now on YouTube 👇

🇶🇦🎥 Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani on the @theworldcup2022, on #Iran, on #Israel and more

Concentrating on getting my Skype to work ! On in a minute with my interview with @LaylaGuscoth England netballer and doctor during Covid and talking #BlackLivesMatter and the sporting community plus @Stone_SkyNews news about 2022 @FIFAWorldCup @skystephen @skygillian

Concentrating on getting my Skype to work ! On in a minute with my interview with @LaylaGuscoth England netballer and doctor during Covid and talking #BlackLivesMatter and the sporting community plus @Stone_SkyNews news about 2022 @FIFAWorldCup @skystephen @skygillian

Quoted @PACAF

"As the Commander of Pacific Air Forces, a senior leader in our Air Force, and an African-American, many of you may be wondering what I’m thinking about the current events surrounding the tragic death of George Floyd. Here’s what I’m thinking about..." - Gen. CQ Brown, Jr.

Wow....some speech this 👇

🇶🇦 Foreign Minister on the #qatar2022 @FIFAWorldCup, on #Coronavirus, on the threat from #Iran, on #Israel, #Palestine and the #annexation plans, and on the Saudi-led blockade 👇

🇮🇱🇶🇦 Qatar established trade ties with Israel years ago. They saw a ‘window of hope for peace and diplomacy’. “Unfortunately the Israeli behaviour showed us year after year they were not serious about peace...” the Foreign Minister claimed.

🇮🇱🇵🇸 With a direct warning to Israel over its West Bank #annexation plans, Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed said: “We hope that these threats of taking the decision of annexation are not real because we believe it’s going to represent as the last bullet in the peace process...”

The 🇶🇦 Foreign Minister talked of ‘steps on the ground’ - a hint of Iranian retreat? “We hope that this progress, these steps on the ground, will help in bringing justice to the Syrian people & prosecute the real criminal behind it which is the current president of #Syria.”

🇮🇷 On suggestions from Israel that Iran is in retreat across its axis of influence through #Syria & #Iraq, Qatar’s Foreign Minister told @SkyNews “We have been talking to them [Iran] in order to make sure that they are not supporting him [Syrian President Assad]...”

🇮🇷🇶🇦🇺🇸 “Iran is our neighbour & United States is our strongest ally...” The Sheikh said #Iran is a ‘friend’ of Qatar & that his government could be in a position to broker a deal between Tehran & Washington if there is willingness by both sides

🇮🇷 On tensions with #Iran, the Foreign Minister told @SkyNews situation remains ‘very dangerous’ following the January assassination of Iranian General Soleimani by 🇺🇸 drone. “We are still in a very dangerous situation & we want to see a final resolution between Iran & US.”

🇶🇦/🇸🇦🇦🇪🇪🇬🇧🇭 This week is 3rd anniversary of Saudi-led blockade of #Qatar. In 2017, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain & Egypt + others severed diplomatic relations with Qatar, accusing it of being too close to #Iran & of ‘supporting terrorism’. “A manufactured crisis..” he said.

🦠 “Without collaboration, exchange of experience & dialogue we believe we cannot learn from each other.” the 🇶🇦 FM told @SkyNews. As @realDonaldTrump pulls @WHO funding, he said “It's important to look at reform of these organisations. But it’s more important to preserve them”

🦠 The Emir of Qatar took part in the #VaccineConference hosted by @BorisJohnson this week and pledged $20m to @gavi to help find a vaccine.

⚽️ The #qatar2022 @FIFAWorldCup will take place on time in 2022 despite the knock on from the #Coronavirus pandemic #Qatar has said. 90% of stadiums are compete & ongoing discussions will ensure they comply with any changed health/safety regulations following #coronavirus

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Iraq has reached another high in its daily coronavirus caseload: 1006 since yesterday, half of them in Baghdad. Huge surge in recent weeks. 285 deaths out of a total of just under 10,000 cases.

A very powerful letter on Israel’s planned West Bank annexation by a broad, cross-party (and no party) group.

Quoted @haaretzcom

He was afraid of the armed police who stood along the route to his special needs center. It took his instructor a month to teach him make his way there alone

Devastating account by an Israeli paper of the shooting by Israeli security forces of a disabled Palestinian man some Palestinians are calling their George Floyd.

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