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Equity Market Strategist. Media commentator. Embrace the Volatility!! 30+ years in financial markets. Facts are facts; views and opinions are my own.

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Quoted @SaraCarterDC

African American Woman Wins #GOP Primary For Elijah Cummings' Seat Keeping my eyes on this race! @kimKBaltimore https://t.co/zpShsssyLb

Congrats!! https://t.co/qiBBC9o7Kp

The apples donโ€™t fall far from the tree. Pelosi's daughter busted breaking into liquor store. ๐Ÿ™„ https://t.co/oCDXzLjw0m

Absolutely 100% correct!! https://t.co/v6s4h7lKZA

Quoted @MCaruso_Cabrera

If @AOC canโ€™t work with the Democratic Party how are we going to get anything done? We need Unity. We need to come together. On all these issues @AOC has been M-I-A. I have been to all the NYCHA projects in the district and you know what they tell me @AOC is M-I-A.

Spot On!! https://t.co/ybQelAKbNh

Quoted @LarrySchweikart

Too all the whiny, "sky-is-falling" OMG lockdown will give us 30% unemployment people. . . pffft. I told you at the time that while unemployment would go up, it would be highly temporary and that it would NEVER reach the levels some (on both sides) were panicking about.

As wrong as the experts usually are, have they ever been THIS wrong!!?? https://t.co/q0Nepc5EsW

The All Time Closing High for the #NASDAQ composite is 9817.18 on February 19, 2020. At 11:35 am the NASDAQ composite is it 9824. If it closed here it would be a new closing high for the NASDAQ composite.

Quoted @Christi36145638

Wow! I just heard the job increase of 2.5M was the biggest jump in our history! KAG

Yes!! During the Reagan economic revival we had back to back months of +750K jobs. https://t.co/QLLYjnhvsw

The Jobs report is even better than the headline, with the Private Sector adding +3.1 million jobs. State, Local and Nat'l governments lost -500K jobs giving us a total of over +2.5 million jobs overall.

Breaking!! President Trump press conference at 10:00 am this morning to discuss the May jobs report.

May jobs report breakdown by sector: Goods producing: +670K Construction: +465K Manufacturing: +225K Retail: +370K Leisure and Hospitality: +1.3 million

Are the "experts" all going to tell us now that the job numbers are wrong!!??

The deniers of a sharp economic recovery are going to completely lose their collective minds today.

While the May unemployment report is even more of lagging indicator than usual, this is a very positive jobs report by anybody's measure!!

Quoted @alexsalvinews

NEW: The president of the Minneapolis City Council says the cityโ€™s Police Dept. will be dismantled and replaced with a โ€œtransformative new model of public safety.โ€

Are these people secretly working for the campaign to reelect President Trump? https://t.co/bpMwqePTVQ

78 days since the #Bellagio fountains โ›ฒ๏ธ have been dancing! Letโ€™s see if the 50 million annual #LasVegas visitors come back soon #America #Reopenvegas $mgm https://t.co/0TvT2W1BUw

Quoted @Christi36145638

Wow. The Senate panel authorizes 3 dozen subpoenas in probe of Obama officials in Russia investigation regarding the abuse of FISA warrants. #OBAMAGATEGATE

Note that this is Senator Ron Johnson's Homeland Security committee, not Lindsey Graham's Judiciary Committee as some are reporting. https://t.co/WfbJah6JYZ

A question: Why did Mattis never respond to Grassley's letter, requesting the release of exculpatory information re: General Flynn. "the declassification would be in the public interest, and is in the interest of fairness to Lt. General Flynn." https://t.co/2aSlnwJqgr

During his half century in the Swamp, #BeijingBiden has been a central player in exporting American jobs to China. As we start this recovery, we need the president capable of leading the TrumpBoom 2.0, and not a corporatist globalist like Joe Biden. My new #MAGAminute video... https://t.co/f3db9fj2DR

Quoted @brianefallon

Defund the police

Obama-Biden Justice Department Spokesman calls for defunding the police. This must be widely condemned by the Biden campaign immediately. https://t.co/u92QBpgKBs

Initial jobless claims at 1.87 million shows a possibility of structural compression in employment. Continuing claims at 21.5 Million higher than prior report, which was revised lower to 20.1 million. Note the continuing claims covers a period that ENDED the week ending May 23

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