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“Every night when I go to bed, I’m scared to death that those 51 kids won’t make it back to me simply because of what they look like.” @NicoleAuerbach | @TheAthleticCFB

Details on the NBA's proposed play-in tournament, per @ShamsCharania: ▪️If the 9th seed is more than 4 games back, 8th seed earns a playoff spot ▪️If 9th seed is 4 or fewer games behind, play-in: single-elimination for 9th seed, double-elimination for 8th

The NBA plans to propose a 22-team return to play, sources tell The Athletic's @ShamsCharania. New story includes... 🏀 Details of play-in tournament 🏀 Plans for additional medical protocols 🏀 Draft lottery and combine expected to be in August And more ⤵️

BREAKING: MLS is coming back. The MLSPA has approved the league's return-to-play plan, which will see all 26 teams fly to Orlando for a tournament. Details from @PaulTenorio & @samstejskal here, with more to come later today:

Boston to Atlanta. Celtics forward Jaylen Brown drove that distance to attend a protest against injustice Saturday in honor of George Floyd. "He’s been about this." | @thompsonscribe ⤵️

With 249 of the 353 Division I head men's basketball coaching jobs in 2018-19 belonging to white men, minority coaches are speaking up. Their message? The systemic issues of our time cannot be addressed without collective action. @CjHolmes22 | @DanaONeilWriter ⤵️

Seven #USWNT/#NWSL players — @lynnraenie, @ADizzle23, @crysdunn_19, @100Purcent, @beckysauerbrunn, @J_Mac1422 and @julieertz — wanted to keep the conversation going following their statement and call to action from @USWNTPlayers. Here are their words 🔓

"As a culture, as a people, we’re tired of feeling ‘less than.’ Treat us with the same appreciation and respect. Hell, scratch appreciation. Just give me some respect." - @DTrainMLB This article is free & unlocked for all to read ⤵️

"I just started crying, just angry, because it's like ... what do you do?" @JimmyRollins11, @ryanhoward, @DTrainMLB, @toriihunter48 & @LaTroyHawkins32 discuss race, baseball & America. Moderated by @dougglanville & @Ken_Rosenthal for @TheAthleticMLB

Today on The Lead, @MikeDugar on the sports world rallying around George Floyd's killing, and why this time feels different

"He was the most honest man I knew in 30 years of covering the league." @davidaldridgedc remembers NBA legend Wes Unseld, who has passed away at the age of 74.

Jackie Robinson triumphed despite systemic racism – which flourishes to this day partly because of an unease about calling it out by name. So why has MLB, which recognizes Jackie Robinson Day every year, gone silent?

"Don’t try to relate. I don’t want you to. Just understand. Just acknowledge that in some ways, our existence will always be different than yours."

"The anger of the protesters is justified. The despair is real." New column from @Tjonesonthenba ⤵️

“Which story do I share? That is the question.” Some of us offer our experiences that we've dealt with, won't let consume us and also will never forget. 🔓

"When we talked about Blackness, he was passionate. … I am not shocked by Jaylen protesting with the people, because he was just being himself."    Why @FCHWPO drove 15 hours to protest in Atlanta, new from @ThompsonScribe ⤵️

– The Nationals cut their stipend for minor leaguers from $400 to $300/week. – The Nats' major league players offered to pay the difference out of their own pockets. – The club reversed the pay cut. Details from @Britt_Ghiroli & @EmilyCWaldon ⤵️

What is it to be be black in America? “Which story do I share? That is the question.” Black writers and editors at @TheAthletic shared our perspectives. "Don’t try to relate. I don’t want you to. Just understand."

For anyone curious as to why I have been so #madonline about social injustices these past few days -- well, really, since I joined this site -- please read this. I never will apologize for speaking out on what affects people, including me, daily. All love

Some of my colleagues and I at @TheAthletic compiled a variety of personal accounts where we experienced racism and/or discrimination in the arena of sports. We're thankful for the chance to share these. Please read:

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