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Quoted @_ameliaw

Think I missed the part when Boris said lockdown doesn’t apply to people from Wigan and Leigh

Oh bore off 😴 https://t.co/VqxS45mHOl

Quoted @hoodoneyy

This is why u can’t sex crackheads https://t.co/soMTozGXw1

That’s round 1 man Lowe me round 2 u will get devoured https://t.co/LEAfhLaOaJ

Remember guitar hero when they made that drum kit for it that shit was the bomb

Take ur chances in life 🚦

🤩 @BernardoCSilva and his insane dribbling! https://t.co/kEjdfd7EdV

Wine gums are miles better out the small packer rather than the big bag and no one can convince me otherwise

Don’t see why everyone’s trying to defend this Dominic Cummings guy end of the day it’s practise what you preach I’m pretty sure you’d all be slating labour if anyone from the party done the same thing as he did

Joe Hart's performance against Barcelona isn't talked about enough. One of the best keepers to play in the Premier League with 4 golden gloves. Underrated!💙 https://t.co/LjUxh6n0hV

Them tins were different

I miss proper cali

Quoted @City_Chief

Manchester City's 2020/21 leaked third kit! [@Footy_Headlines] https://t.co/zNNmgMYSAv

Manchester City's 2020/21 leaked third kit!

[@Footy_Headlines] https://t.co/zNNmgMYSAv

Looks like a kitchen cloth 🤦🏻‍♂️ https://t.co/OLwNeX2IOj

Quoted @Mattavelli18

Message to all parents to check your kids xbox messages. I've just found that our 9 year old has been offering blokes straighteners outside lidl https://t.co/OhYfnz54gG

Me on gta when the same green alien blows my car up for the 10th time https://t.co/F2ARHJA7PW

Financial freedom is a must

🤯 The greatest piece of fan footage ever filmed from the stands... ➡️ The build-up, the goal, and the aftermath of 93:20. #MCFC | @ManCity https://t.co/RIFfsraq9j

Quoted @zoesmithhx

People who put the water in before the diluting juice 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩 major red flag

Imagine calling cordial diluting juice 🤦🏻‍♂️ https://t.co/FZqMy8HF57

🗓| #OnThisDay in 2012.... "Manchester City are still alive here...Balotelli...AGUEROOO!" #ManCity #MCFC 💙 https://t.co/JcSVsJkE4c

🎥| Wolves fans at Anfield: "He’s Top of the League, Raheem Sterling, he’s top of the league!" #OnThisDay #ManCity https://t.co/yq78JTCqpw

There should be no return to work until it is safe to do so. If work cannot be done safely, it should not proceed. People must come before private profit.

all u lockdown police need to calm the fck down

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