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Instead of moving...I am just going to cry in my closet.

Putting my Apple Music on shuffle is so great. Goes from Ari -> Gucci -> Blink 182 -> Rascal Flatts.

when life is safe i'm probably gonna cry when i see that shake shack at gate b37 in jfk terminal 4 again

Quoted @robellery

Seaton Mile, today 7:30pm EST / 6:30 CST 💙

Never been so excited to run that Seaton Mile. 💙😻

I feel for the UK cheerleaders and coaches. Some of the hardest working athletes and coaches at UK...

As someone who follows #UKCheer closely, I know T. Lynn and Jomo have ALWAYS put the best interests of student-athletes first, consistently cultivating and developing fine young people that represent #BBN with class and dignity. There's always more to the story.

Quoted @DavidLengling

The University of Kentucky cheerleading program/staff has never been anything less than the epitome of professional & respectable, holding athletes to a standard that is unmatched while consistently producing excellent people & leaders in our world. No program will ever compare.

Re FREAKIN tweet.

good morning to men over 6ft only

Should I be worried that I wake up every morning craving mozzarella sticks?

Today was really not cute. You would think mercury is in retrograde.

Mothers are the most incredible people in the world.

Turn your sound up for this one 😢 (via mrpianoman/TikTok)

The ability to “read the room” is an undervalued skill.

The end was everything 🙌 (via arat.gym/Instagram)

Quoted @AquariusUnite

#Aquarians are very secretive and observant.

I’ve been seen. 👀

I am so happy that I get to see Lan this week. My sweet angel! 💜

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