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Bloomberg must have thought he was at a Comedy Central roast,but the only one laughing was Donald Trump!

Has anyone ever had Baked Alaska?

isn't he the guy the Dems used to characterize as a "loose cannon"?

Mitt don't be gulled by the weasels,the MSM still hates your guts.

the wiener mobile doubles as the good humor van

Live Now: “Live Analysis: The July Democratic Debates, Night 1” via @nytimes

Fuck Madison Ave- using the "Sounds of Silence"for some shitty car commercial blows

The Kinsey Report,The Harrad Experiment and now the Mueller Report:somebody always get fucked!usually repeatedly.

Dumbo is back,what next a Bambi reboot?

Piday is sure to be a Trump joke tonite on Colbert

for all of you people who are talking about Gaslighting,the movie is on TCM tonite at 8pm-this is your chance to see what you constantly reference w/o a clue.

if i haven't seen any of the oscar nominated pics does that make me a pop culture cretin?

you know you're a fashion icon if you wear Armani to the Lagerfeld funeral

if Walmart destroyed the mom and pop stores of America,then Amazon is responsible for the demise of the shopping mall:where Americans came to celebrate capitalism's excesses with a hop,skip and a card swipe.

Whoever invented autocorrect should go fuck themselves.

How is the tv show Moonlighting not on Netflix,Hulu or amazon? What 20 something twit dropped the hammer of stupidity on his big toe?

Enough with the corn syrup where are the Clydesdale s?

some guy in Pa. has an emotional support alligator- if it tells you to snap out of it,you had better pay attention

What it's like to date me:
📸 @falcofoto

What it's like to date me: 📸 @falcofoto

I don't get jazz organ at all.just doesn't seem to fit.

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