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New York Times reporter. Travel enthusiast. Baseball fan. New dad. Tips? Ideas? Restaurant recs?

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Archbishop Wilton Gregory, first African-American Catholic Archbishop of Washington, speaks out against Trump visit to the National Shrine:

Archbishop Wilton Gregory, first African-American Catholic Archbishop of Washington, speaks out against Trump visit to the National Shrine:

Back in 2014, I wrote a story about parents and kids counting fireflies together. It's a fun one to think about.

Pat Dye, one of the most celebrated football coaches in the history of Auburn University, has died, the school says. He was 80.

Really excited to be back to @NYTSports after spending most of the spring working on pandemic coverage with @NYTNational. Tips? Ideas? As always, I’d love to hear from you.

Bizarre scene in downtown Miami, from TV/social media: a police car is ablaze, officers are trying to disperse protesters, a curfew has been set — and meanwhile fireworks are going off in the sky as part of a display to thank health workers that had supposedly been called off

Gymnasts are pushing back against coaches they have found tyrannical. @JulietMacur with a riveting story on how some 30 gymnasts banded together and got a New York City coach suspended this week:

NEW: "If you are white, this is a great city. If you are black, it is a struggle everyday." George Floyd died in one of the nation's most racially unequal cities. w/@jeligon and @matt_furber

Quoted @d_allentuck

For Times Insider, I wrote about the lessons I learned as a New York Times fellow:

Danielle’s fellowship ends at a rough time economically for so many in this country, including young journalists just starting their careers. Editors, please consider Danielle, who did a great job, and them for your job openings.

The Boston Marathon won't happen this year. Here's @tminsberg.

"PARIS — Annoyed at their government, the French have taken to the streets brandishing drinks."

Evictions were largely deemed too dangerous to happen during the pandemic, but that is quickly changing. Eviction cases will soon be able to proceed in about *half* the states, and in some places, they have already begun.

The unabashedly angry conscience of one health crisis dies amid another

Probably no thornier decision in sports' comeback than whether to play college football, with billions of dollars and young lives at stake. @billywitz breaks it down. Also, we flew a drone over Florida State's empty stadium ...

Some exciting news for fans of J.K. Rowling.

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Who is a woman journalist who whenever you see their byline, you know you are going to learn something? Bonus points if you list what they cover.

Part of a very long list: @PatriciaMazzei, @juliebosman, @abscribe, @jessbidgood, @elizabethjdias, @FrancesRobles, @monicadavey1, @kimseverson, @JessGrose, @EricaLG, @nicoleperlroth, @VivianHYee, @lisagartner, @melbournecoal, @l_e_whyte, @Julesm_b, @ByFernandaS & @EmmaJanePettit.

"I realized that he had victimized so many of us."

For more than 40 years, Chuck Christian did not call himself a victim because he did not think he was one. Then, in February, an old teammate called.

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