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We are extremely alarmed that our reporter Chris Mathias (@letsgomathias) has apparently been taken into NYPD custody while doing his job as a journalist. We demand that he be released immediately. CC: @NYPDnews @NYCMayor @NewYorkStateAG

I know your type. Maybe you don’t cross the street when a black man walks past but you want to. You say the n word among friends. you think this stuff wouldn’t happen if people simply complied. you’re full of shit and people see you now more than ever. can’t hide anymore.

Quoted @chrissyteigen

And KEEP THIS SAME ENERGY WHEN YOU VOTE. The worst thing that could happen is this all happening for nothing.


Watching this country burn from coast to coast, it’s obvious people are angry. Yes, George Floyd touched this off. But let’s not forget: 103k+ are dead, most of them black and brown. 40 million people are unemployed. This is a nation in crisis.

Y’all this world is falling apart. It’s scary! I am SO against all racism and violence but i do stand with the black community right now. If you’re at the protests, stay safe! And if not, continue to spread the word, sign petitions, and support the movement!!! #BlackLivesMatter

5 hours ago

🗣️REMINDER: Journalists should never be arrested or targeted for doing their jobs.

I see conservatives suggesting that these protests are excuses for looting and vandalism. But I’m also seeing video evidence that police officers assigned to these protests are using them as an excuse to assault the citizens they are paid to serve and protect. #BlackLivesMatter

Isn't this normally the time when our president comes on television on every channel interrupting normal programing to calm us a bit ?

Quoted @Breaking911

#BREAKING: NASHVILLE POLICE: “The curfew is in effect in 35 min. Anyone on the streets after 10 p.m. is subject to arrest.”


Quoted @MeghanMcCain

May God save us, save our country and have mercy on us all.

Omg 😭😭😭😭

weekend activity: delete something you don’t need from your online shopping cart and donate to something important instead

Don’t forget that the President and Pence publicly excoriated peaceful protests during football games. Trump called them “sons of bitches,” and the Vice President staged a tax-payer funded walkout to protest the “protestors.” If you prefer “peaceful protests,” talk to them first

Covid is still really and I want y’all to be safe! For those at protests, a few tips from a nurse after attending last night: bring an extra mask. Yours will get hot and sweaty so switching it out halfway through is smart. If you have a cloth mask throw a bandana on top too!

Quoted @NoLimitC16

And they said Newark couldn’t be peaceful. #newarkprotest #icantbreathe

Proud to see this from my state. This is how it’s done. @NJGov 🙌🏻

As always, everything can be true. The violence can be the result of black residents, and also white anarchists and anti fascists, and also white supremacists and other subversive agents and also... We often foolishly craft simple narratives to explain complicated realities.

Quoted @barstoolsports

Monkeys Escape With Covid-19 Test Samples After Attacking Lab Assistant...That's A Real Headline

Monkeys Escape With Covid-19 Test Samples After Attacking Lab Assistant...That's A Real Headline

We’ve entered the fourth level of Jumanji.

Those on the highway held Black Lives Matter signs and others – saying that they were angry and heartbroken over the 46-year-old man’s death.

7 hours ago

DEVELOPING: Videos circulating on social media appeared to show NYPD vehicles driving into a crowd of protesters after demonstrators threw objects at one of the cars.

So much craziness on the news. Pray for peace, but pray for justice and change. 🙏🏼💔❤️

Quoted @biebersgrills

What are u supporting then? His music career? I‘m-

What are u supporting then? His music career? I‘m-


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