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Quoted @EpochTimes

A controversial #ExecutiveOrder signed by @NYGovCuomo directed #NursingHomes to accept patients who had been infected with the #CCPVirus has disappeared from the state government’s website.

What a coverup and an attempt to rewrite history looks like. Because he is a Democrat in one of the largest Democratic states, supported by a complacent media, will make this go away and he will never be held accountable for his decision.

Quoted @RubinReport

“Journalists” are destroying journalism. Retweet if you agree.

“Journalists” are destroying journalism.

Retweet if you agree.

I retweeted, then had to un-retweet, so I can add this; I don't believe she says she is a journalist, she is a reporter, she just reads reports what's placed in front of her by writers and sometimes, journalists.

Please take 19 minute to listen to a different point of view that many of us have and is articulated magnificent Dr. Reality in this video. t

New: #Facebook has been removing #Trump campaign ads from its platform. I'm not a Trump supporter, but I'm deeply concerned about #censorship of this sort. Whether u know it or not, #Google-&-the-Gang will decide who our next president will be. #BeAfraid

"Everything that's bad is politics!" says @kmanguward. Everything in life OUTSIDE politics keeps getting better:

Richard Nixon was impeached for spying on his political opponents So why shouldn’t Barack Obama face any consequences for spying on his? They must be held accountable RT if the Senate should subpoena every member of his administration involved in spying on the Trump campaign

Facebook and Youtube admit that they limit the reach of some posts, including ones that DON'T violate their policies. If something "almost” violates a policy, they now show it to fewer people:

Cinnamon Toast Fried Ice Cream 😮🍦🍨🍫 By @OfficialSoYummy

Quoted @Project_Veritas

Project Veritas, which broke the story about the Robach tape, confirmed that “Ignotus” was their ABC source for the tape and released the anonymous statement “in light of the actions taken against those wrongfully identified as involved in the leaking.”

Why isn't every news outlet up in arms defending this whistle blower for bring the powerful to justice? Instead, two of the nations media giants have unfairly conspired to end the career of a woman who had nothing to do with @ABC covering up the story.

Can you give me an example, anytime, where the Vice President shows up and demands that a specific prosecutor be fired & gives them a 6 hour time limit to do so? Are you aware of that ever happening in any other place? *SILENCE* I guess the answer is no...

Help me understand why the league, @NFL is acting as an agent for this player. If teams want him to try out, then invite him and he goes through their routine, as has happened a few times. Why this individual setup for one player coordinated by a league he is not currently in?

Quoted @SteveScalise

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are working overtime to impeach @realDonaldTrump using shady backroom tactics completely out of the public eye. What are they hiding?? This process should be done openly so the American people can see this ridiculous Democrat scheme for what it is.

Why aren't @ABCPolitics @CBSNews @CNNPolitics @NPR holding daily outrage political commentary pieces on every airing and platform of theirs to show how much they want the people's business done in the light of day, to be scrutinized by the press and the American people.

I try to read articles from many different sources to see issues from different perspectives. I read this article and I was blown away by the stance taken by this author and the ridiculous points made. I do not agree with the position taken.

Just as well done as if Gilda Radnor had done it! Great bit, well delivered, nice to see SNL still has the ability in the writers room. Weekend Update: Supercentenarian Mort Fellner Ret…:

Holy cow, @NikkiGlaser’s set at the Alec Baldwin roast is so savage. Brutal and so, so good.

No one would have believed as brainwashed children panicked over climate change that a power immeasurably superior to anything on Earth was slowly and surely, sunspot by sunspot, programming an ice age into the climate system.

CNN hosted a 7 hour town hall on climate last night. 7 hours! EVERY candidate wanted the Paris climate accord back. None mention that its an expensive climate-meaningless scam:

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