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I consider myself to be an activist for the constitution all of it we need to limit government. of the people by the people for the people Happily Married #TRM

Indiana, USA
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2 months ago

@Alyssa_Milano I just can’t figure out why people would be buying guns. I mean, just because NY & CA are releasing murderers & child molesters from prison, while Chicago is arresting people who ride bikes...

"You gun-nuts are so dumb, guns won't stop the #coronavirus" Neither will toilet paper, but I bet you have 500 rolls.

Laws do not protect you from the criminal, they only provide a means of punishing the criminal after the fact.

Now let me get this straight The United Nations wants to appoint a Chinese minister to the Human Rights Council Panel?? Several oxymorons and some regular morons involved here.


I do believe we're around 130 million now. https://t.co/wnJG1YzgEh

I do believe we're around 130 million now. https://t.co/wnJG1YzgEh

#gunfreezones, responsible for orders of magnitued more deaths than any AR15 https://t.co/5KKO2L8Irf

#gunfreezones, responsible for orders of magnitued more deaths than any AR15 https://t.co/5KKO2L8Irf

2 months ago
Keep us in your prayers please https://t.co/dZ6XIsvHYY

Keep us in your prayers please https://t.co/dZ6XIsvHYY

REPORT: Child Rapist in Massachusetts RELEASED FROM PRISON to “Keep Him Safe From the Coronavirus.” RT- THESE THINGS CANNOT BE HAPPENING, THEY CAN NOT BE PUT BACK ON THE STREETS... https://t.co/FC25XStgOY

Quoted @trustrestored

⚠️Here we go. California-style voter fraud is about to go national. THIS is why Democrats are spiking COVID-19 stories about mass graves and infant deaths. They want to have Presidential MAIL-IN election where they can dump truck loads of fake ballots into polling stations. https://t.co/csWbyDjz7a

Important thread on stealing the election⬇️ https://t.co/Tgr649ahbb

Gun Grabbers Search for a Silver Lining Amidst a Pandemic and a Historic Gun Buying Boom - The Truth About Guns https://t.co/9VhmKVnbF1

Will Bill Gates make more money slinging vaccines for pandemics he helped engineer, than he made at Microsoft?

I hear Celebrities are 'threatening' to go on a full-on 'Total Hollywood strike' until @realDonaldTrump resigns. Oh please, please make this true. When are they gonna realize they aren't relevant anymore and NO one cares about their freakin 'opinions' & garbage propaganda?

Michigan Gov. Whitmer just said on Fox that the response should not depend on who is governor of a given state. However, that is the meaning of federalism. Governors did little to prepare for this pandemic despite years of studies showing shortages to deal with an outbreak . . .

Will you take the 'vaccine'? RT for bigger sample.

Anyone else not seen tiger king but read enough on social media that you know way more about it than you want to know?

The anti-gun left like to accuse me of loving my guns. Well, at first perhaps, but the honeymoon is over, and now all they do is complain I never take them anywhere.

2 months ago

https://t.co/8bpwCpXI2P Islamic judges in Pakistan overturn murder conviction of Moslem man, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, for the beheading of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.

Quoted @Everytown

"Adding more guns into the mix during a deadly pandemic won't make anyone safer, but it will make the gun lobby richer.” - @MomsDemand Founder @shannonrwatts https://t.co/Pve0R8db5M

Actually, more firearms in private hands makes everyone safe so long as those new owners get training. https://t.co/ipvjPkia7W

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