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"Facebook restricted 1,600 items in the second half of 2018, up from 22 items in the same period in 2017, according to the company’s transparency report. However, it only restricted 121 items in the first half of 2019. Fes content to minimize censorship."

"Despite those difficulties, Vietnam has become the biggest country by revenue for Facebook and Google in Southeast Asia, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter. "

Given the current debates, I'm sharing this piece about Facebook's handling of censorship in Vietnam. Facebook and Google Balance Booming Business with Censorship Pressure in Vietnam via @theinformation

Quoted @mattysino

@verretor Looting is a howl of rage that surfaces when people feel trapped by injustice and betrayed by institutions. It’s not what happens when the goal isn’t justice, it’s what happens when the goal of justice is thwarted by a society of corrupted ideals and decayed morals.

Well said

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Cheers as the bus driver walks off the bus, refusing to drive it #BarclaysCenter #BlackLivesMatter

A bus driver refuses to take arrested protesters to jail In other cities, bus drivers unions have refused to collaborate with the police

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JUST IN: A partygoer at that controversial Lake of the Ozarks pool party has tested positive for COVID-19, potentially exposing hundreds.

Darwin awards

This seems like effective leadership.

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@BeijingPalmer Seeing similar sentiment out here and I'm finding this very interesting. Not the non-violence part, but the 3.5 percent part

This study ... wow

When we examined this three years ago, there were already signs of self-dealing. Now look for the common element between Luckin & UCAR. “40 percent of Car Inc.'s rental sales came from its closely held parent”

too popular. i need a twitter edit button...

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Chinese Rival Launches U.S. App to Challenge TikTok via @theinformation

So.. all the cool kids on Zynn now?

Quoted @jonrussell

Two Chinese companies are (credibly) battling to be America's top mobile entertainment service 🍿

Better headline for our story!

Quoted @jonrussell

Two Chinese companies are (credibly) battling to be America's top mobile entertainment service 🍿

that's a better headline!

but how will TikTok respond?

as for paying people to watch: I guess that more efficient customer acquisition than paying Facebook for advertisements to convince people to watch! If the content is sticky, it might work.

@Yunanzhang_ has been keeping an eye on this for a while. At first, it was launched in secrecy. But its proved to popular to stay below the radar.

The twist is that Zynn pays users to watch videos and recruit other users. Seems odd, but it's working! The app is soaring in app store rankings.

But the launch of Zynn in North America a few weeks ago, marks the beginning a major campaign to take on TikTok.

Until now, Kuaishou has mostly focussed on the home market, rolling out ecommerce and other initiatives on its platform.

Back home Kuaishou and TikTok's owner, ByteDance, are bitter rivals. Kuaishou is the second-largest social video app in China and just raised billions of dollars from backers including Tencent, which sees ByteDance as a problem.

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