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"@chateau_Avante7: Had a blast at my first AF ball now it's time for bed" u sound like an old lady

@JemappelleMoniqsingin Liberian girl ar karaoke

Low key miss the homies @BK_NativeSon @sgreer24 and @Th3_Inevitable ......would have definitely analyzed the #DNC better than CNN FOX &MSNBC

Jeremiah Wright was sposed to say the benediction at the DNC

I can't brag about my love for God because I fail him daily, but I can brag about his love for me because it NEVER fails.

Lord pls send me a wife that compliments me like Michelle does for Barack

Can't wait to see her

In Cali...a lil different than what i was expecting....but still cool

Headed to the airport...gettin ready to start a new chapter in the amazing story of my life ...keep me in ur prayers

I wanna give a special congrats to my bros @KEYtta_Alcatraz @SouthernAvenue @Brey @Renee Mims (cont)

Im super proud of all my friends graduating today I kno mny of thm strggld to make it but yall did (cont)

The gym and I need to become reacquainted....

God is far more interested in who you are than in what you do

We know.. RT @EddieBetit: @K8LynnsWay i don't get it

at the hookah bar for @soNISEticated bday

Were you looking for my reaction? Hmmph. So sad.

Putting God first and the rest will fall in line.....have great day....nd be a blessing in someone's life today

Idk about this draft pick Bears

Not this handshake wit Roger Goodell nd Melvin Ingram

and prayer RT @JemappelleMoniq: You cannot get anything you desire in life without sacrifice and hard work.

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