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A social enterprise reimagining the world of work. We build inclusive communities for businesses, freelancers and young people to work, learn and grow together.

Nottingham, England
Joined on October 17, 2018

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21 hours ago

if time = money why are Black people at work everywhere being asked to give time for advice on how to be anti-racist? before you ask your Black friend for advice today go online for the answers and act on that info respect our time, respect our emotions "sense check" yourself

Earlier today I joined #mutethewhitenoise challenge and #BlackOutTuesday without enough thought into what it was going to achieve. This evening I listened to @ericacourdae's video asking "why are you muting…

2 days ago

the ability Black people have to compartmentalize pain and trauma and persevere is INCREDIBLE why are we so underrepresented in roles of power and influence when we have these superpowers? think of how many folks you've spoken to today- like me- who are processing AND helping

On this, the first day of Pride Month, dedicate yourself to intersectionality. Black people are lesbians. Black people are gay. Black people are bi. Black people are trans. We are non-binary and queer and pan and intersex and ace and aro. Our fight is your fight.

If you are white and don't understand racism / privilege / why what is happening in US is relevant here in the UK etc feel free to DM us with your questions - I'll invest my time helping to educate & create dialogue. But let's use public channels for making BIPOC voices heard.

We are on mute until 8 June- until then we will not be launching our new services or promoting our own content on social media. Instead we will #amplifymelanatedvoices. #mutewhitenoise

We are on mute until 8 June- until then we will not be launching our new services or promoting our own content on social media. Instead we will #amplifymelanatedvoices. #mutewhitenoise

Shout out to UK orgs @fearlessfutures @_TheOtherBox @Bameagency who can all help you confront discrimination & racism in your workplace.

Thanks to @AntiRacismDay event last night I realised we needed to stand with others and make a stand against the governments decision which puts black staff at greater risk.

Even though we are only small we try to live by what we encourage others to do also. If you are a small business or freelancer thinking this doesn't apply to you because you don't have a team or substantial profits then we are happy to share what we do as a one-person band.

What is your organisation doing to be Anti-racist and show that #blacklivesmatter? Here are some things yoh could be doing in our weekly #mondaymatters post.

We'll soon be launching our collaborative work program providing an opportunity for young people and small businesses to work, learn and grow together! It's inspired by our pilot which we wrote about here:

Quoted @JoinKwanda

📣 New project. A free digital group-therapy space for black people. We're piloting a new course for our communities that will expose individuals to free professional therapy. Apply here -

Every project that comes from Kwanda is just awesome. Support them!

If you want to build an inclusive organisation where everyone is empowered to thrive - developing your approach to management is key

Also not on this list but we highly recommend @SceneOnRadio "On whiteness" podcast.

Really important list of resources here. We're going to set race as the next topic of our book club here in the UK. Register your interest if you want to join the conversation

Our work placement scheme isn't just about giving young ppl work experience. And it isn't just about providing businesses w/ hands-on support & an opportunity to mentor. It's about learning together how we want to shape the #futureofwork. Register interest:

Everyone keeps talking about the #futureofwork. If we really want to change the system we need to work with young people in redesigning that system. When so many of us are already indoctrinated, young people can bring a fresh perspective that challenges the status quo

Met so many people this week who are starting to talk openly about and recognise how their emotions can actually make them more effective as team❤️. If you ever feel like you have to hide your emotions you might find this series helpful #mentalhealth

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