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Dad. Hubby. Writer. #FantasyFootball. @CBSSports & @CBSSportsHQ. Chicagoan. Hurricane. Instagram & FB: DaveRichardNFL. Email: drichard@cbs.com.

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Quoted @MrFantasyKC

@daverichard Dave, I think there could be an article on when TEs peak. I feel like it’s the only position where you WANT a guy around 30 yrs old...no?

Working on predictive TE metrics now. Not sure age matters. But I’m gonna have something to help us nab stud TEs this fall. https://t.co/PpIOwCMF2H

Quoted @jesse51433844

@daverichard Jared Cook

Cook got it done -- TDs from 38, 26, 61, 20 and 21. Jesse wins the cards, which will be tossed into an envelope & sent via USPS today. Way to go Jesse. https://t.co/JerXVatuK5

Quoted @HCFrost01

@daverichard Gotta be mandrews

Kelce, Kittle and MANDrews each had 3 TD from outside the 20. Somehow, they were beaten in this category by ..... https://t.co/Hls2wp3jA2

HigBeast had 3 TD last yr, all inside 10 yds. In fact, all 7 of his career TD came from 10 yds or closer. #GoffBFF https://t.co/yCfyPYfEdi

Our guy Waller had only 3 TD https://t.co/XvcPqkZUzq

Quoted @JADubin5

@daverichard Darren Fells.

all of Fells' TDs were in the red zone ... all SEVEN of them! SEVEN! Darren Fells scored 7 TDs omg https://t.co/AutuEBF4l4

MOSTLY USELESS TRIVIA: There's a TE who had 5 TDs outside of the red zone, most for his position in 2019. Can you name him? First one right gets random sports cards sent to them.

Interesting: on-target pass rates on throws w/ 15 or fewer air yds (min. 150 att) https://t.co/Q01SZzICZM

Interesting: on-target pass rates on throws w/ 15 or fewer air yds (min. 150 att) https://t.co/Q01SZzICZM

Quoted @JamesRusciano

@daverichard Dave....I'll ask you the same question I have asked other analysts with no response. A lot of people are high on CEH in that KC offense. What do you think is a good ADP for him in a 12 team 1/2 PPR league?

I’m not ready to cannonball into the CEH pool. Between 20 and 30 in 1/2 PPR is fine but I doubt I’ll get him. Someone in every draft will ❤️ him. https://t.co/jb8dGe1Qen

A few things on the #Eagles’ interest in free agent RBs, per sources: They offered contracts to Carlos Hyde, who signed with the Seahawks, and Devonta Freeman, who is weighing other offers (Bucs). They have interest in bringing back LeSean McCoy, but have yet to make an offer.

Quoted @DustinFox37

Tonight 7pm. ESPN. 🏈🏆 https://t.co/SKSSn9Ir22

I’d rather watch “A Valentine’s Match” tonight at 7pm on Hallmark Channel. It’s a more honest story than this game. 🙌 https://t.co/pjw8TOtESU

Here’s the story of my incredible friend who helped people overcome Covid-19, then overcame it on his own. https://t.co/QVl0DepGur

Colts WR Parris Campbell, who fought through 4 injuries last year as a rookie — hamstring, broken hand, sports hernia, broken foot — says he's been 100% + running routes at full speed for the last 2 months. Do not sleep on him in Year 2. We saw flashes of his talent last year.

Steelers WR Diontae Johnson told reporters Wednesday he sustained a groin injury Week 2 and had surgery for the sports hernia in the offseason. He hasn't received full clearance to return to training yet, but he's hopeful he'll get it "in the next... https://t.co/sXCO2hsxoF

Diontae Johnson says he talks to Big Ben almost every day now. Says the QB starting talking to him more at the end of the season as he proved more and more on the field.

Quoted @Jeagle1234

@daverichard Troy Fumagalli?

we have a winner! Josh DM me your address, you just won a random sports card from my collection shipped to your house https://t.co/4NQ4RaEM38

MOSTLY USELESS TRIVIA QUESTION: One tight end caught a TD against the Vikings this year. Name him.

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