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Created by @SatyaTwena - Luxury Hosiery Delivered Monthly. NEVER WEAR PANTS AGAIN! #nopants

New York
Joined on February 05, 2012

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Loving @helpihavenothingtowear look for high waisted shorts this spring with her sheet dotted tights.…

Spice up your date night outfit with back seam tights. Visit #discoverpique (link in profile).

Those moments when you are totally out of your comfort zone but you know that you are really, really…

You say it's Thursday...I say it's Friday eve. #discoverpique

"I have too many tights..." Said no one ever. #neverenough #discoverpique

April showers... Call for layering of @discoverpique tights and socks with our favorite hunterboots

There are two type of people in this world...YOU... And everyone else. #discoverpique

Oops! Did I buy champagne instead of milk again? #weekend

Find out how to ease into spring with tights like Scarlett Johansson and Dakota Johnson:

I'm soooo excited for my @psimadethis @indego_africa Patch Sets ---buy them here:

@DollarShaveClub I'm staying at @morganshotels & finally tried your razor & butter shea cream - I'm sold! Can't wait to sign up! #shoreclub

Don't eat too much, except ice cream. Life advice from the oldest man in the world:

Mother’s Day Is Sunday: The perfect gift -

Discover Pique March Showroom -

Who else LOVES my socks? @discoverpique #piqueChic #spot. Clearly..I do. 💅

Discover Pique August Showroom -

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