Gabriel Mukobi

Gabriel Mukobi



Student 🌲'22, software engineer, musician

Camas, WA
Joined on September 17, 2017

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Some Sci-fi 3D renders I made in the last couple days #blender #3dart #curtisholt #ducky3d #scifi #quarantineartclub

This is a psa for all my fli homies and allies: Jenn Rolen needs your help. For those who don’t know her, Jenn is the Associate Director of the fli office but she has essentially been acting director since the conception of the fli office but without the title or the pay 1/x

I got an offer from Google, and I took it. I'm elated to be interning as a Googler in Engineering Practicum this summer!

I had a great birthday courtesy of family, friends, Spider-Verse, Chipotle, and even a vegan cake home made by my mom! @ Camas, Washington

New Trumpet Day! 1955 F.E. Olds Ambassador @ Camas, Washington


Roses are red, Zuck you give me happy tears:

Scav: hunted @ San Francisco, California

Ya like JAZZ?! Come see Stanford Jazz Orchestra perform November 28 at 7:30 PM at Bing Concert Hall! We are playing with the astounding drummer Carl Allen, and…

No mere mortal can resist the evil of the Thriller flash dance mob @ Tresidder Express Bookstore

Extremely solid loot from Stanford Computer Forum, and johnhong0818 is a beautiful singer #larkinlove

Solid loot from the career fair, and somehow I got into the Stanford Jazz Orchestra too @ Stanford University

So lucky to be able to meet and catch up with my brother, Jacob, at a robotics competition in San Jose! @ San Jose, California

Going away party: like a funeral, but I get to hear what they say about me...

YEA BOIII! Ya can't spell "sucks" without #usc

Comfortingly weird to witness the Big Red Machine from the outside

School shopping: ✔️

Didney World day cuatro: Hollywood Studios, or I guess how the world sees L.A.

Didney World day tres: Animal (and mostly not-animal) Kingdom @ Disney's Animal Kingdom

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