Completely unconcerned about it, whatever it may be. Just admit it, you are stranger than fiction.Those hopes and beliefs are just hopes and beliefs.

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@nytimes I totally take the word of a drug addicts personal anecdotal evidence over proven repeatable results to the contrary. It works if you believe it works. It’s much like many of them pseudo scientific research regaling us with cure all’s and soothsaying...

@NPR “...oui oui you rich billionaires bastards ... rebuild .. no don’t yes do rebuild it don’t rebuild it ...hmmmm Yes rebuild it .hmmm No! Yes! Rich bastards .I hate I love you I hate you no I don’t yes I do take your hands off me!” French sewer worker

@munchies I like 99.9% of all food that’s clean... it really works out ... when it’s not clean ... I can be a problem

We Don't Need a White Wellness Savior to 'Fix' Chinese Food via @munchies

Charlize Theron Considers Leaving America: 'Racism Is Much More Alive and Well'

Sarah Huckabee Sanders insists the president had nothing to do with any sort of fraud and this is all Democrats' fault

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