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If you see nothing else from the #ImpeachmentHearing today you must see this. Jonathan Turley sums it all up in two sentences. https://t.co/zbLySvOkM9

The Andrew McCabe interview should scare all the citizens of the US enough to have us all calling our reps and senators for some action on this disgrace. Oh yeah I forgot they don’t do anything. That’s another disgrace.

Quoted @OMGFacts

63 planet Earths can fit in Uranus.

I’m talking the planet not yourself. https://t.co/3J76HFtFDA

Sad but true... How did we go from this⤵️ over to a muslim sworn into the U.S. Congress calling our president a Motherfu©ker? https://t.co/uiksrKR6hm

Weird word of the day. Ferhoodle- to confuse or mix up

Folks your problem isn’t the president of the United States it’s the representatives and senators you elect.

Do you ever just look at Pelosi and think how’d that alien get elected? Yup me too.

Do you know that tingly sensation you get when you really like someone? That is common sense, leaving your body.

Weird word of the day. Zoolatry-the worship of animals. Weirdos!

Have a headache? Pinch the webbed skin between your thumb and pointing finger. It should go away if you PINCH hard enough. I tried it and guess what no headache. Next time I’ll try it when I actually have a headache. Lol now my hand hurts. Toughen up buttercup.

Weird word of the day is Sinecure. A job or position in which someone is paid to do little or no work. An example would be the U.S Senate or the House of Representatives.

Weird word of the day. Pandiculation-yawning and stretching at the same time.

Weird word of the day. Steatopygic- having a fat behind.


Wierd is weird. It wierd

Wierd word of the day. Sgiomlaireached-the habit of dropping by at mealtime. Good luck pronouncing this one.

The wierd word of the day is Gnurr. It is the lint in your pocket. I never knew it another name other than lint. Now, have a day that matters. Pat a liberal on the head.

What should we call our current Congress? I have a good idea. Let’s call them a gaggle of feckless fools.

Wierd word of the day. Hadeharia- the constant of use of “Hell” in speaking.

Wierd word of the day. Dactylion- the tip of the middle finger.

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