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I am the comedian formerly known as Hugo Boss

Birmingham, England
Joined on December 07, 2008

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I believe that #BlackLivesMatter I’ve been re-reading @renireni’s book today. If you didn’t read it when it came out, today would be a good time to get a copy. Be safe everyone 🌈🙏🏻🤗

My pal @KarenBayley has written a wonderful children’s book. Starting Monday I’m going to be reading a chapter of it every Mon & Weds on YouTube, hoping to raise a little money for the NHS. 🌈

New episode with @joelycett out right now!!! Go check it out now because we have had a lot of fun making it! Thanks @joelycett for coming on the podcast and surprising Edie!

Quoted @spendals

I made a song and music video

This is excellent

Thanks for watching the series everyone. We’re back next week with the best bits of the series. 👊🏻 #GotYourBack

2 days ago

Catch us talking to @JoeLycett about fake reviews tonight at 8pm on Channel 4. Our latest experiment reveals how fake reviews can manipulate you into buying poorer-quality products ➡️ #GotYourBack

PLUS I send a child version of me into a @GooglePlay conference, get shouted at by @MrMotivator AND I’m joined by @AlisonHammond! Last of the series and we’re going out with a bang. @Channel4 at 8pm 🥰

On tonight’s #GotYourBack we see how much we can really trust Trustpilot. I launch a water purifier and get it to the top of multiple categories including ‘best mineral water company’ and ‘best water purification company’ even though it’s actually a colander lol.

For those who missed the quiz here's one round called CUMMINGS AND GOINGS. You've taken a drive to a castle to test your eyesight because it's a bit blurry, but which castle have you driven to? (1/11)

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