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Quoted @g0ldie_teee

I just felt like more (black) people needed to hear this 😞 #GeorgeFloydProtests #BlackLivesMatter

This exchange, these awful truths. Three Black men, three different generations. It’s two minutes long and every American should watch and listen.

Read more from lawyers, bankers, professors and others who describe a growing culture of fear in offices here. Reporting it took months handholding and many passes from interviewees too scared to talk on the record. It is a warning of what is to come 7/7

“We’ve seen a rapid deterioration in free expression in Hong Kong since the anti-government protests began,” says @jasonyng, who experienced the fury of China’s state media and internet after complaining online abt pro-China demonstrators. It cost him his job at a French bank 6/7

Foreign companies increasingly feel wrath from Beijing. Now, former & current Hong Kong leaders are part of the campaign. CY Leung called for a boycott of HSBC bc it had not publicly endorsed Beijing's security law. "Neither China nor Hong Kong owes HSBC anything," he wrote. 5/7

After one biz prof was photographed at a protest w/ prominent pro-dem figures including Martin Lee and @JimmyLaiApple his mainland students asked the university to delete online details about his classes. They threatened to boycott events. He stopped teaching on the mainland 4/7

A border and customs worker at a state-backed company was told by his boss to vote for a pro-Beijing candidate in last November's district council elections. He didn't. 3/7

Employees of at least two Chinese banks in Hong Kong were told to sign an online petition this week supporting Beijing's controversial security law for HK. They were told to screenshot proof for senior management. Some did so under pressure even though they didn't support it 2/7

You might have notice that biz in Hong Kong is silent about China's encroaching grip. That's because they are being forced to take a side. MNCs that don't toe the line are bullied. Workers who don't show loyalty face job loss. Some examples... 1/7

Epic tale of a rich Texan who wanted to go to the bottom of the sea & the band of misfits who took him there. ‘At a certain point, the conditions are so intense that evolution runs out of options.. a lot of the creatures down there start to look the same’

Quoted @suilee

Scroll to the bottom to read a little postcard on how we packed our apartment up, 3000 miles away, over video camera after China banned foreign residents from returning because of the coronavirus. (We are in Singapore but still hoping to come back!)

Lovely message. Sometimes kids are more resilient than we think. "The kids, hopefully, will be all right."

Quoted @HuXijin_GT

The 'beautiful sight' difined by US politicians has eventually extended from Hong Kong to the US. Now they can witness it by their home windows. I want to ask Speaker Pelosi and Secretary Pompeo: Should Beijing support protests in the US, like you glorified rioters in Hong Kong?

The 'beautiful sight' difined by US politicians has eventually extended from Hong Kong to the US. Now they can witness it by their home windows. I want to ask Speaker Pelosi and Secretary Pompeo: Should Beijing support protests in the US, like you glorified rioters in Hong Kong?

What a world we live in...

Heartbreaking words from Killer Mike. “We watch it like murder porn over and over again, so that is why children are burning it to the ground. They don't know what else to do.”

These pictures of restaurants around the world adapting to deal with the pandemic are fascinating. But the one from Osaka is amazing. Everyone has face shields. Yet... they're eating hotpot...

Quoted @amyyqin

Global Times on Trump & HK: “DC is making a bigger gamble but the US economy is not as fat as it once was, and it still coughs from the coronavirus...Their extreme tactics amount to nothing more than the slow suicide of a superpower.” w/⁦@vwang3

“There are 85,000 American citizens in Hong Kong who have been living here happily,” Regina Ip, a pro-Beijing politician, told @yuenok in an interview. “I don’t think the U.S. would easily punish Hong Kong to rock the boat.”

Quoted @amyyqin

The Chinese government is calling for a revolution - a 'dining table revolution.' In its battle to suppress the coronavirus, China has zeroed in on family-style dining and the most humble, yet beloved, of utensils: the chopstick

Late to this fun piece. I remember the feeling of hot shame the first time I ate at a fancy HK restaurant and promptly forgot about second pair of chopsticks. I was more accustomed to the northern Chinese approach that @amyyqin explains as “eating big and drinking big"

If you think China's influence in Hong Kong won't change much, consider this: Hong Kong officials and tycoons have issued a flurry of similar public statements in support of Beijing's controversial law in the city. They are a jarring display of conformity

Reaction from pro-democracy activist @joshuawongcf today on the latest developments out of Washington. He tells @NBCNews “now is the time for the Global community to stand with #HongKong.”

US Secretary of State says Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from China. What does that mean? And what's this "special status" that the city has? Some answers to your questions. Also, why the city could become collateral damage in the US-China rivalry

one money changer in HK today said it sold $1 million in USD in 45 minutes

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