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K Boyko
6 years ago

Merry Christmas, lived ones!! ❤ (note the Charlie-Brown-esque Christmas tree in background) 🎄🎄🎄 http://t.co/YvVPnCvRbm

K Boyko
6 years ago

John Eddie never disappoints! Great show with great people! http://t.co/qJw8QGervX

K Boyko
7 years ago
Can't believe shows start Wednesday. Hope I don't suck! http://t.co/7JEJ7aS9EA

Can't believe shows start Wednesday. Hope I don't suck! http://t.co/7JEJ7aS9EA

Our Pawcasso Art Auction is this Saturday! Do you have your tickets yet? Come bid on pieces by our very own artists! http://t.co/mX28sPP8

'Pawcasso' Art Auction Benefits Homeless Pets Right Here in Woodbridge - Woodbridge, NJ Patch http://t.co/IWucgCDZ

Apparently Susan Komen spend a million a year in legal fees to stop other charities using pink or "for the cure" http://t.co/oj7FDeut #hmm

You're invites to our Pawcasso Art Auction! So much fun! http://t.co/ceDpCIvd

This Saturday, march 10th come visit our cats at @menloparkmall! we're celebrating St.Paddy's- maybe one of our cats is your Pot O' Gold!

K Boyko
8 years ago

@alexbfinlayson @neilhimself my first day student teaching I saw a student with American Gods. Knew I had a good class. Perfect ice breaker

Little-known fact: that Quaker guy on the oatmeal box is naked from the waist down.

8 years ago

The Official Letterheads of Edison, Tesla, Hitler, Groucho, JFK, Johnny Cash, James Dean & More: http://t.co/7lNGFSkh

Teachers are a bad influence on our kids. For one thing, some of them are nearly 40 and still in the third grade.

My problem is I don’t like working out in front of people or when I’m alone.

Save the Date! Our Annual Pawcasso art auction is coming up on April 14th!

For each RT of this tweet today, we'll donate $1 to @TheHeartTruth. Ready…GO! #HeartTruth  http://t.co/GnSmBaiT

K Boyko
8 years ago

I would like to see this improved upon by the minds behind @ConTruthMovie http://t.co/FxE4ulg2

"Make good stuff, then make it easy for people to buy it. There’s your anti-piracy plan." @jonathancoulton http://t.co/xKMeGra2

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