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10 months ago

no te juntes con cualquiera... no todos merecen conocer lo mejor de ti

Absolutely nobody at all: Me: Should I skip class 🤪

Sunday Fundays are not fun on Mondays

God got me

Esta vida solo a tragos.

Momma means the world to me.

My sisters stays traveling thats one cool lifestyle.

Agarrar la Banda en la playa en Mazatlan? ✔✔✔ #bucketlist…

Sometimes I don't thank my lord enough for all that he has and is doing for me

The best things in life aren't things...

The less you show the more you have 👍

What's another 4 letter word for LOVE?... JEEP ❤️❤️

Learning to be a lot like my grandma, just straight blunt.

I wouldn't trade my family for the world when life is not going my way they are always the ones to bring me up and guide me. #blessed

My first time tooooo excited!!!

My first time tooooo excited!!!

bien chula pero bien peda

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