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Don't let the sound of your own wheels drive ya crazy. ❤

Joined on November 30, 2012

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Don't worry even if things end up a bit too heavy, We'll all float on alright #FloatOn #modestmouse

The first days are the hardest days, don't you worry anymore. Cause when life looks like EasyStreet, theres danger knocking at your door.

My mother bear looking FABULOUS as always #mama #loveher

My mother bear looking FABULOUS as always #mama #loveher

@ZodiacFacts: #Geminis are usually the best people to text. They have great communication skills.” So UNTRUE for me 😇

Woke up thinking 'what am I going to do today?!' ... Then realized it's the first day of classes 😡 #lastfullyear #PTschool

Hey @WBSPenguins . I Want to win Jake Owen tickets!! #DigDeep #daysofgold #116 #please

It's a great view watching @WBSPenguins from section #116 #club #Poison # GOPENS

It's all in god's hands... Except my final grades, they belong to barker, Moran, pheasant, and madras #needabeer

Being locked in the library all day makes me realize the grass on campus gets cut every minute of every day #MU #cutitout

Will you put some American sausage on my English mcmuffin?! #bridesmaids #shouldbestudying @kara_rae48

Folks spend too much time studyin'. Ds get degrees. That's a fact, jack. Merica.

Marriage equality has passed in France! It's a beautiful day in Paree.

I wish my dog could write my exercise prescription for me #tired #wah

It takes more energy to hate than love #loveoneanother

I'm too nice to people, most of the time it's a pro, other times its a con #con

Global warmin' my ass. Supposed to be Springtime, but it's colder than a witch's titty in a brass bra.

Enjoying my thursday night.. just kidding I'm in PT School I don't know what Thursday night is #gradschool

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