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Dr. James Giordano



CNS provides neutral, in-depth analysis of matters at the intersection of neurotechnology, neuroethics, and public policy.

Arlington, Virginia
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We looked inside some of the tweets by @NeuroBioEthics and here's what we found interesting.

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http://t.co/nHM6gDRr A crucial step in advancing neural transplantation techniques and therapeutics

http://t.co/63YzaPut A key set of findings, further study is needed to better define which neural network activites are casual/predictive

http://t.co/Vdkzm2nX important to bonding and mating instincts in humans (a neural basis for the phrase "I'm a leg man"?)

http://t.co/m6XPjGZW May suggest phylogenetically durable cognitive focus upon somatically erogenous zones

http://t.co/NqJUcUMw Okay - so now the question is: What will various institutions (and society at-large) do with this technique?

http://t.co/F9Trr5xi Confirms role of nucleus accumbens in behavioral priming + activation, might this be viable target for intervention?

http://t.co/M9MNI8Jw Fortifies concept of cross-sensory reorganization and may provide important perspectives on neural network dynamics

http://t.co/onj3DPmf May afford new insights to fundamental substrates and properties of cognition, experience and the mind at-large

http://t.co/SInwP0d4 Offers a valuable view of mechanisms of neural network dynamics submersing (un)consciousness.

http://t.co/hMyfJVlQ Insights into neural basis of decision making from the synaptic to the social scale. See also: http://t.co/WHhcFTfC

http://t.co/u3ELeDSt May be a neural correlate to hermeneutic cognition +important to the ways humans/others perceive concept of golden rule

http://t.co/NUIE7xpA A fascinating report that opens new vistas in neuroprosthetics

http://t.co/FLcCxziV Evidence of the nature via nurture effect in action?

http://t.co/oFmsjPtT Reveals putative neural network for other-centred cognitions+actions important to neuro-ecology. Can it be accessed?

http://t.co/hYxs22cO What a trip! Psychedelic drug research has been cooking under radar - compounds great potential for therapeutic value.

http://t.co/zQmjrq78 Provides neuroanatomical findings that strengthen the idea of reciprocal network engagements in the brain

http://t.co/ROtNqarg May open the door for other, similar uses of convergent neuroscience to identify cognitive/emotional/behavioral traits

http://t.co/4Ppl5ZQY These results provide additional illustration of multiple roles for various neurochemicals including oxytocin

http://t.co/8821YFfo ...in cognitive tastes arising from the iterative complexification of environmental conditions and contingencies

http://t.co/hP8olkq7 Suggests that more evolutionary recent structures of the human brain may have evolved to function

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