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Responding to mounting pressure for data on the pandemic’s impact on communities of color, the Trump administration today asked states to begin including race and ethnicity with test results. w/ @noahweiland

As Robert Redfield testifies in front of the House today, a good time to read this remarkable examination of how the CDC's bureaucratic missteps hindered the pandemic response

There was some upheaval on the Warp Speed team last month: Dr. Peter Marks, a renowned federal scientist and vaccine expert who devised and led the project, left it in part because of concerns over its new chief's potential conflicts of interest

Scoop w/ @SangerNYT: The Trump administration has selected its final 5 candidates for a coronavirus vaccine, a major step for "Operation Warp Speed." Phase 3 trials are likely to begin next month.

Christi Grimm, the top internal watchdog at HHS, was careful not to directly criticize the president. But she made clear on Tuesday that nothing should be done to “impair” the independence of her or any IG’s work.

NEW: A look into Trump’s intelligence briefings led by Beth Sanner. @adamgoldmanNYT and I report.

Reasons for hope and concern for a #covid19 vaccine: here’s a look from @KnvulS @noahweiland and me

There is one government doctor who has studiously avoided attention, even as he takes care of some of the most powerful people in the country: Dr. Brian P. Monahan, the Capitol physician. My profile, here -->

Slaoui acknowledged the 12-18 month timeline the president has rejected as too slow was already aggressive and that Fauci was not wrong. But he said he wouldn't have taken the job if he didn't do it.

As @MarkMazzettiNYT points out here, the Mueller report was the opposite of what Bill Barr claims—it was a book-length text that showed over and over how hard prosecutors worked to not seek an outcome

The task force "was a comforting symbol for people scared about the virus’s spread and looking for a sign the White House was taking it seriously." @noahweiland @SangerNYT and me on today's developments

News w/@maggieNYT @SangerNYT The White House's coronavirus task force is being wound down in the coming weeks without a clear idea of what, if anything, might replace it

Wayne Edwards replenished Elmhurst's stockroom, kept its inventory and handed out protective supplies. His kindness was “like a bottomless pit,” a friend said.

Scoop: The FDA plans to authorize emergency use of the experimental antiviral drug remdesivir for coronavirus treatment as early as Wednesday

Quoted @maggieNYT

Per reporting from @noahweiland and me, POTUS continues to ask people impatiently why, if the new testing sites have been created/states are increasing testing, the federal government keeps getting blamed for it.

An exasperated Trump recently called Alex Azar, his health secretary, about why the Trump administration was still seen as responsible for testing, when (in his view) it’s now up to states and cities to figure it out

THE LOST MONTH -- New in tomorrow's paper, our deep look at the failure to test for the virus in February, leaving the US largely blind as Covid 19 spread silently around the country. w/ @abbygoodnough @BySheilaKaplan @sherifink @noahweiland @katie_thomas

Scoop w/ @maggieNYT: Oracle is talking to the White House about an online program that could track patients taking hydroxychloroquine, or even help distribute it. The malaria drug isn't yet approved by the FDA as a coronavirus treatment.

.@noahweiland and I tried to make sense of what Trump's interest in his friend MIcky Arison's offer of Carnival ships meant

In the Eye of the Coronavirus Testing Storm: Robert Redfield of the C.D.C.

A first and maybe last dispatch from a presidential trip to a mixed martial arts octagon

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