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Parent and child. Sportsman and voracious reader. Politically aware, socially backward, politically backward, socially aware. Trying to gain perspective.

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Quoted @RepValDemings

When we impeached this president, we warned that he was a dictator in waiting. I believe now what I believed then: this president is a threat to our democracy, our families, and to us.

VP material! dignified self-possessed compassion sure of herself front line law enforcement and leadership experience

@SenatorCollins Do something or stop wasting our time

This ad is less than 100k views away from hitting 10 million views. Please retweet.

Thank you Bernie for your contribution to our body politic #unitethedems “Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.” Thomas Mann

Quoted @StevenBeschloss

I think it's worth asking again--and seriously--what exactly do we have a 25th amendment for if not for this?

Couldn’t agree more - where’s Rod Rosenstein just when we don’t need him. Another flunky flanking AG Barr while Barr bashed and perverted the mueller investigation-

Quoted @tribelaw

Trump’s pathological condition is devastating America. It’s vital to keep voicing this deadly truth. Don’t assume everyone already knows it. Tens of millions of our fellow citizens seem to have no clue. So this needs to be retweeted and repeated nonstop.

Constitutional crisis- an impeached and shameless man

We held an election in 1864. We sent ballots to soldiers overseas in 1944. Now Republicans from Trump to McConnell to state legislators, hoping for low turnout, are blocking efforts to enable Americans to vote in 2020. It's a disgrace. The word that comes to mind is unpatriotic.

No. Rather not #pulltogether imagine ourselves better than any single individual/ joined in love. #bestthevirus

Is to be Human/Is it not more than just/to exist for one’s own/personal benefit/devoid of consideration for others (not to other)/well-being. Dedicated to John Lennon

Chris Lu
3 months ago

BREAKING: A week before Inauguration Day 2017, Trump team participated in a tabletop exercise with outgoing Obama team about preparing for a "major domestic incident" One incident discussed was a pandemic. I participated in that exercise. THREAD 1/6

Good luck to Republicans who think they can run away from Trump. They had their chance for 3+ years—to speak out & hold him responsible for Russian interference, for Ukraine, for ripping apart families, for so much more. Now they own his catastrophic coronavirus failure.

Will Richard Grenell Destroy the Intelligence Community?

We are unilaterally disarming against the Russians, and it's our OWN President's own Trump card. The republicans HAVE TO hold him Accountable. And what about simple congressional oversight. What's left of it? Mitt Romney standing alone on the last round.DNI w ext exp is the law

W. in a phony rage over WMD, w #Cheney led creation of massive "Homeland" State, surveillance - ok some of that is good - but a single DNI agency, was that really necessary? Yah. We had 16 intelligence agencies, now 17 with one "coordinating" - this is madness. And now Trump

Scary. The dems are worrying bout following polls and make-up. Save us. The nation is being destroyed. Call on Richard Burr. Senator. Where are you? And not one not a single Mention of "impeachment" at the debates.

#ChaosKing This DNI selection, the Roger Stone BS is a mimicking of Trump’s use of lawsuits in the civil world, He puts length criminal sentences and now potential pardons, talks of clemency into the calculations. He interferes w the independent judiciary, busts guardrails.

Quoted @HeathenOnEarth_

This awesome clip of Obama sticking it to Trump needs to be retweeted ‘til the end of time!

"C'mon man !" I loved it when Obama used that phrase when I worked for him.

Quoted @PeterAlexander

BREAKING: Now, all four federal prosecutors on the Stone case have asked the judge to withdraw from the case. Michael Marando joins the rest of his team including Aaron Zelinsky, Jonathan Kravis, and Adam Jed.

To the career men and women of DOJ, you are both the backbone and the heart of the Department. Your noble dedication to the rule of law is the foundation of our republic.

Can we all just agree that any presidential candidate must possess the capacity for shame? Civilization depends on it. We are living through the destruction of our democracy by a man devoid of morality, empathy & the capacity to experience shame over any of his actions.

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