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lawkdown 55



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He dil he toota Par aas ab bhi bachi hui h Koyi toofanon se keh de K Shamà Abhi bhi jali hui h

I get asked a lot, What’s the difference between living in #saudiarabia and the #usa. Here’s your answer

15 hours ago

Quoted @taygang98

This white man had a gun to me and my friends face. He was not w/ the police he was just out here instigating. If he had been black he would have been thrown to the ground arrrested and beaten. But he was peacefully tuned away. Because he’s white.

How much more obvious can it be

"They will come to create chaos & start a riot, but you should not pick up stones, u should handle the rioters to the police," said Sharjeel Imam. The man who advocated peace & talked about law & order in the Shaheen Bagh protest is booked under UAPA. The unjust system for you.

this teenage girl did not hesitate one bit. look at how she’s standing in between and did not budge to keep him protected. THIS IS HOW YOU USE YOUR WHITE PRIVILEGE. if you’re white and you’re protesting, protect black people and fight for them

USA: Black life Matters INDIA: Police barricades matters !

Quoted @_sayema

@Fatima_Z0hra Quran mein kisi se nafrat karna nahin sikhaya gaya. I strongly stand against oppression and injustice and will continue to raise my voice against the wrong but that won't deter me from appreciating a good deed even if performed by my enemy.

Hmmm 100 khoon karke 100 rupay chanda de do. Madam maaf kar dengi

All this time he was saying jhola utha k chala jayunga. That jhola was PM - cares fund. #ModiFailsIndia

Step Down, Modern Day Nero!!

Step Down, Modern Day Nero!! #StepDownModi

Pehle bhi kayi guzre h zalim tumse zameen par Sabhi ne chakha he zayaka zillat ka. Waqt ayega tumhara bhi Tum bhi dekhoge ek roz Ye khel kudrat ka (2/2)

Kya he ummeed lagaye hum tum se K tumhari ankhon pe to parda h, Ek gaflat ka Ek nafrat ka Tum kya he samjhoge Cheekhein hamari Bekaar he tumse izhaar meri hasrat ka Waqt waqt ki baat h Aaj seena humara h goli tumhari Har jumle badnaam karti Hume Boli tumhari (1/2)

Quoted @COTimesRecorder

Incredible scene at Colorado’s Capitol right now. Thousands of protesters are lying face down with their hands behind their backs chanting “I can’t breathe.” They’re doing this for 9 mins. #copolitics #denverprotest #GeorgeFloyd

Such a powerful protest!

BJPAAP Bhartiya Janta pAAPi

A shocking Islamophobic rant of a doctor of Kanpur at a Govt Hospital (Medical College). Medical officer Dr Arti Lal Chandani spreading hate against Muslims, wants to get them beaten, calls them terrorists and looks fine with the idea to kill Muslim Corona patients (1:46) 1/n

India again fails to stop Nepal's planned Constitutional Amendment on the new Map despite using its political assets in Nepal! via @ndtv

POWERFUL words from the National co-chair of the Women’s March Tamika Mallory at the #GeorgeFloyd protest march #BlackLivesMatter 🖤

2 days ago

@SikhProf Atleast the Americans are putting up a fight while our people..... Sigh.

Modiji, when will you be VOCAL about china's LOCAL attacks? Why Maun on an issue of national security? Have we lost land to China? RT and demand Modi to hold his first Press Conference and explain to India as to what is happening in Ladakh. #SpeakUpModi


REVOLUTION IS 2020. 2020 IS REVOLUTION .❤️ #BlackLivesMatter #MuslimLivesMatter

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