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✰ quarantine ty ✰



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you can go to the gym, drink your water, and take your vitamins, but if you don’t deal with the shit that’s going on in your heart and head you’re still going to be unhealthy

Getting sad at night for no reason is one of my best talents

y’all ever start typing a message and realize they probably don’t care anyway lmaoooodeleteoooo

“what are you gonna do? cry about it?” LMAOOOOO well i mean yeah

Why is my eyesight android quality

for someone who loves to sleep so much you think I’d go to bed earlier

Having a big ass heart has hurt me more times than I can count

Y’all ever planned on being productive for the day but decided to take a little nap and ended up sleeping too long

“Active 3 mins ago” lowkey hurts when you sent the message like 4 hours ago

i always put my music on shuffle then get mad when it doesn’t play the songs I want

I know it isn’t healthy to hold things in but i feel like i cant vent to anyone

do u ever zone out but ur aware that you zoned out but ur too lazy to zone back in bc same

I’m either in a mood where I really do not care about anything at all or I’m overthinking everything and giving myself anxiety

“... shared a tweet with you” Ok but do you wanna share your life with me

a breakfast date is way better than a dinner date because y’all both still cranky in the morning and that’s a true test to see if you can handle each others morning attitudes

Choose people that choose you. The end.

I distance myself when I feel like I’m in the way

I love hearing "I want you to come" rather than, "you can come if you want"

My liver will handle what my heart can’t

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