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12 yrs of Catholic school, open-minded, fair & impartial, calls 'em as i see 'em

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Spent a lot of time in Rhode Island (Middletown). Beautiful. @nicksterwixter

Nothing is more pointless than nationally airing a funeral full of people who don't know the deceased to which they're supposed to be attending with them giving words about a complete stranger in such a passionate manner you would think they did #GeorgeFloydMemorial #PhotoOpp

Wow! Found all these. @peppapig

Quoted @JordanSchachtel

Andrew Cuomo is *deliberately* covering up the carnage his nursing home policies caused. And he's lying repeatedly about it, while burying the evidence. This should be the scandal of the century. Press MIA.

“This should be the scandal of the century” It would be if @NYGovCuomo was a republican.

I can see already that Ed is gonna tease this all morning. @LaurenKUSI

Thank you for the goose bumps today. @SteveVaus

goose bumps @LaurenKUSI

Lucky you with all the good-looking guys on your show tonite. @JudgeJeanine

Love your back & forth about the crayons. I want to know who that pink one represents. I don't know anyone that color. @LaurenKUSI

And now it begins. In Oregon, hundreds of people are reporting their voter registration was switched from Republican to non affiliated - without their knowledge or permission. Stop mail in ballots.

Little Richard, Rock Pioneer Who Broke Musical Barriers, Dead at 87 – Rolling Stone

Dead Fish Everywhere!!! Carlsbad Lagoon lined with dead fish and foul odors. According to Scripps Institute of Oceanography, a dying Red Tide is the culprit. More info on

How NOT to wear your mask.

How NOT to wear your mask.

Quoted @realDonaldTrump

Despite reports to the contrary, Sweden is paying heavily for its decision not to lockdown. As of today, 2462 people have died there, a much higher number than the neighboring countries of Norway (207), Finland (206) or Denmark (443). The United States made the correct decision!


Loved your open tonite. @JudgeJeanine

Brian Dennehy R.I.P.

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