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Christopher Jackson



Hick Lutheran pastor in @thelcms. Instructor @CUWisconsin.

Northeast Wisconsin
Joined on May 29, 2014

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Quoted @lockeddoir

The antithesis of the Germanic Lutheran Khanate is the revelation of an evangelical Norwegian monarchy that crowns Hoyum as King

Crush this fever dream.

It'd be interesting to go back and find RJ Neuhaus's comments on the 92 LA riots. Surely he had some, and I think they'd be enlightening.

So, American society should probably be talking about other medical opinions that have been mainstreamed out of political and social pressure and not out of true science, but we most certainly won't be having THAT conversation any time soon.

Perhaps we should get him to declare the LCMS the most dangerous organization in America.

So now that we know that orangemanbaddism will drive huge segments of society to do or embrace the opposite of orangeman (see the Lancet "study"), how shall we use this power?

So it really looks like the Lancet orangemanbadded itself into publishing bad science. Huh.

I see that @GovEvers is a 1st Amendment maximalist now. Good, good.

One for this Sunday’s bulletin perhaps.

One for this Sunday’s bulletin perhaps.

Quoted @Jeremy_Lamont

@thelcms For a minute I thought this might be a new Lutheran TV show along the lines of Downton Abbey or something. God's blessings on the Deaconess and her new role at ONM.

solidly funny thread

Divorce in most circumstances is a legal fiction. Most divorced guys I know who end up remarrying end up with, essentially, two wives. Or at least 1.5 wives.

@revcjackson Holy Cripes, that order by the Madison Mayor and Dane County Exec. That isn't even fudgeable. That is just right out religious hatred.

Traditionalist Christians who adhere to moral and doctrinal orthodoxy have been complaining about systemic marginalization for quite some time now. Maybe we ought to at least listen charitably to those, many numbered among us (!), who have similar complaints.

*on im so bad at this

The creation and sustaining of this world is an act of Trinitarian love. Every moment is one account of God's fatherly benevolence toward us.

Rachid Ouiguini by Toumani Diabaté, Sidiki Diabaté #NowPlaying

by the way, why isnt granny hugging on every single bit of seminary recruiting material totally missing the boat there

thinking about getting subversive and starting to hug the grannies at church again

jus messing around here dont take any of this too seriously

me? im a funfessional lutheran. im not like those other confessional lutherans

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