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We looked inside some of the tweets by @schnobblegozzle and here's what we found interesting.

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Trump Jr. requests you all stop retweeting. Thank you for not complying.

this year @NicolleDWallace can dress up as someone who’s all out of giveable fucks 🐓 💩

Quoted @BillKristol

Lindsey Graham: A president who doesn't comply with Congressional requests for information is subject to impeachment.

This can’t be retweeted enough.

30 years ago today the album #Trash was released! One of Alice's biggest albums to date, it featured the hit single Poison and sold over 2 million copies. What was your favorite song on the album?

Quoted @PlantationPD

Update: All stores and businesses in the area of the Fountains Plaza and the Plantation Marketplace plaza near LA Fitness will be shut down until futher notice until Fire Personnel can determine that it is safe to return. Please do not come into this area if possible.

Latest on South Florida gas explosion:

Here’s a good question that I’d like you to ask, @PeterAlexander... “As history unfolds, and everything comes to light, what do you say now that will stand the test of time?”


Please vote. And then please retweet (often). Who has more credibility?

Hey, @WolfVanHalen. Let’s make a bet. I’ll bet you $10 that your album doesn’t come out this year. Shake?

"I'm a mother of five, grandmother of nine, I know a temper tantrum when I see one." @SpeakerPelosi

RT if you know you’re smarter than @realDonaldTrump.

Quoted @thehill

Melania on social media etiquette: "Sometimes you have to fight back"

Melania on social media etiquette: "Sometimes you have to fight back"

#bebest when it is convenient! Amazing!

@nytimes 3 years ago, Vladimir Putin would have only dreamed of a US president speaking of withdrawing American troops from Germany, bashing NATO, imposing tariffs on allies, and saying he’d consider accepting Russian annexation of Crimea. Trump has made Putin’s fantasy come true.

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