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Canadian transplant. Mom. Hockey aficionado. Social media for @innoceanusa and @kia. If it comes in floral, I probably own it.

Orange County, CA
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Shoutout to my cat for providing endless hours of baby distraction as he chases her around my home.

The amount of chirping I get from my friends on FaceTime if I’m wearing anything other than pjs/have an ounce of makeup on my face is wild. Warranted though.

You know you have a slight issue when you’ve memorized all the Sesame Street songs and are randomly humming them to yourself as you make breakfast.

I should probably stop watching horror movies around N huh...

Thought N was being cute by crawling up to me/trying to give me a hug but turns out he’s just using me and my body to pull himself up to try and run away...🙄

Did my own nails today and very quickly remembered why I always paid someone to do them in the first place 🤦🏽‍♀️

Legit the only thing that makes this 5% ok is that today is my Friday on a four-day long weekend.

This morning, a spider fell on to my face and that’s how I started my day how are things going with y’all?

Things people have mastered during quarantine: fancy iced coffee, TikTok challenges, sourdough bread. Things people haven’t mastered during quarantine: REPLYING ALL TO AGENCY EMAILS.

Me, waking up having a heart attack thinking I had to work today:

Almost put Bengay on my kid’s toothbrush if anyone wants to know how my morning is going. 🤦🏽‍♀️

If you didn’t end your #MothersDay drunk and making quesadillas, you did it wrong.

Me, when my son wakes up early from his nap:

Sometimes when N starts to cry, I go “use your words” knowing full well he’s 10 months old and can’t do this. Then I laugh to myself because I AM HILARIOUS. Or delusional from quarantine whatever.

Someone wanna explain to me why I just bought a bunch of makeup when I haven’t left the house in months and don’t even wear makeup anymore...

I’m a little upset no one warned me my 10 month old would start trying to eat my food on top of his own food like the greedy SOB he is.

Sometimes when N throw a fit, my cat looks at me with this “why the fck did you do this to us” face and I honestly just have to agree with her.

I have literally become the person that cries during animal movies WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME.

I legitimately feel like I’m living one nightmarish version of Groundhog Day.

Trying to figure out if I was always this clumsy or if this just is a side effect of being a mom.

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