@charliekirk11 NOW you KNOW why I call them #Dumbocrats....

Quoted @charliekirk11

If Democrats defund the police, who would enforce all their unconstitutional gun laws? 🤔

The @NRA members of course. But I don't the the #dumbocrats will like the policing methods much. https://t.co/CxkSvISWJh

@GavinNewsom California: Where you can't legally sit on the beach 10+ feet from your neighbor, but you can gather in masses in the city streets. #dumbocrats #California #whathappenedtocoronavirus

@chrisjollyhale @LauraBergerol @JoeBiden We will all regret this in November. The #Dumbocrats have just made a massive mistake.

@BearUKnow But as usual, the #dumbocrats didn't think it thru. No one will see it, once normal traffic resumes. https://t.co/8lVMr7kUj8

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WOW listen to Leo- the Demorcrat party has been highjacked! Let the red pills rain down! #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE https://t.co/AyzqCnfxQR

Woah!! #CreepyJoeBiden is just absolutely delusional if he thinks he is gonna win! #realDonaldTrump for 2020 President!! #QSentMe #aussiepatriot #delusionalJoe #dumbocrats https://t.co/qLyalI4Ced

@iamjumpingin @BoazDuane The scariest thing about the #EconomicRecovery we are experiencing is trying to figure out what the #DumboCrats will try next to destroy #America . #LiberalismIsAMentalDisease

The scariest thing about the #EconomicRecovery we are experiencing is trying to figure out what the #DumboCrats will try next to destroy #America . #LiberalismIsAMentalDisease

@chuckwoolery It’s rumored to miss us by a million miles but that’ll be closer than anything the #DumboCrats have tried to date.

@MSNBCPR @MSNBC @NatSecLisa Just look 👀 at that adulteress, liar, part of the coup to oust @realDonaldTrump ! She's obviously in really deep to be doing the media rounds. #Dumbocrats are at the end of the rope. When they look up they see clouds. When they look down they see dirt. What's missing? #AskJesus

And just like that the #dumbocrats lost the Election. @realDonaldTrump #Trump2020 We need #termlimits in #congress #puglosie is a #PIG PIG #NancyPelosi Is a ignorant fool!

So Democrats want to take our AR 15s and also #DefundThePolice ? Sounds like a very safe and crimeless society to me! #Dumbocrats

@SaraCarterDC The pandemic was created by the #Dumbocrats and the #FakeNewsMedia for political reasons. Goes to show how much #Dumbocrats care about #WeThePeople Nothing will stand in their way to gain power and all the money we have. #Unbelievable

I think @brianefallon is an anagram for brain fellout 😂😂 #trump #dumbocrats

#DumbocRATS Blue State Residents Say Their States’ Finances Are Worsening https://t.co/dwnmQzBTc0

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“The problem that bothers me is you says Black Lives Matter, I work here part time, I’m part owner and look what you did to my store! Well I’m black, It’s a lie you don’t care about black people! I’ve been here all night cleaning up!” https://t.co/sGTDUNn4RJ

Another Trump vote, lol! Keep it up #dumbocrats, everyday you build Trumps vote coffers! See you in November! https://t.co/x3TeAa3XP5

@dbongino When the killers are caught, which idiotic, anti-American celebrity will be paying their bail? @chrissyteigen @Sethrogen @SteveCarell @pattonoswalt ? How about donating to this man’s family instead?! #Dumbocrats #looneylibs #HERODAVIDDORN

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