@avalmai @kcookie818 1. This doesn't mean he's not racist. 2. This does mean he's an equal opportunity asshole. 3. #treatuslikejerry cause it beats getting choked to death.

@GregoryHollid18 @Mamba_zoe @Ronaldbeaudin @fruitybaby2 @4evamonaMona It's because 99.9% of the whites killed by police are armed and effing dangerous!!! #TreatUsLikeJerry and you won't see any hashtags that offend you!

Quoted @AliaMShabazz

The perp beat them with their night stick, stole their squad car, AND he's alive to tell the story?!!! Yes!! #TreatUsLikeJerry https://t.co/MjjB8SnCCj

For those yelling comply, may we never forget Jerry. #treatuslikejerry https://t.co/uSm8sBnGtC

@RealCandaceO 99.9% of the whites were armed so no hastags were necessary... My African American friend said he wished they #TreatUsLikeJerry!

Quoted @shaunking

Jerry resists arrest. Jerry steals officers baton. Beats cops with their batons. Steals their police car. Police never fire a single shot at Jerry. No stun gun. Nothing. American police know how to use restraint. They do. For some reason it’s just always with Jerry. https://t.co/9lPd6cFQ6s

@MrMonta49522110 @summerhillp @BestJesus415 Wait, the LAPD type cops from the 90s, or the ones that let #treatuslikejerry beat their asses and steal their patrol crusier last year? https://t.co/HH3D47Ac0A

@Kkk_Kia @kushikage Taking off is considered "resisting" and "not complying".... We all know how well that works out for Black people. I wish BlueLivesMatter would #TreatUsLikeJerry!

@JBrisenio411 @barricade450 @SamanthaAngeliq Was he tased like #SteveTaylor? I have to be careful and realize I'm not seeing the whole picture in the situation or the entire police violence and violence against police but damn sure seems like blacks don't get the #treatuslikeJerry treatment.

@Drakaro661 Bruh, this video is the reason I now hashtag #TreatUsLikeJerry instead of #BlackLivesMatter, so the dominant society can see the obvious difference in the way #Blacks/#ADOS/#FBA are treated by #BlueLivesMatter.

When Black people say stop #PoliceBrutality, it doesn’t mean don’t arrest black ppl for crimes committed. That should go without saying. What it does mean, is STOP Unnecessarily BRUTALIZING folks in the process #treatuslikejerry!

@TalbertSwan ......they would've been shot on the spot for "not complying" #TreatUsLikeJerry

@ElKabbong @HuffPost Of course they have to arrest some Blacks without killing them, or how else would the privately contracted prisons stay profitable? All I ask is #TreatUsLikeJerry!

9 months ago

@SaintsFPS1 @kickrocks707 @EastBayTimes There are tons more videos of certain people literally threatening the lives of cops where police refused to act hostile in any way, shape, or form. #TreatUsLikeJerry https://t.co/yRvg3pr9q8

9 months ago

Quoted @QasimRashid

I don’t even know what to say here. This is in Virginia.😳 This man murdered 2 women & 1 child Attacked officers while naked Choked a church groundskeeper And finally with 100 police officers—was detained alive and unharmed https://t.co/qHO1c0hpZW

I’ve watched this about a dozen times, and it stings more & more when I think about how quickly my friend’s son with schizoaffective disorder was executed by the Walnut Creek police in June after he hadn’t harmed a soul. @TalbertSwan nailed it with the #TreatUsLikeJerry hashtag. https://t.co/WzFoR4TdY7

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