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It took LeBron James twenty minutes to rip Drew Brees for his opinion on the national anthem yet he still hasn’t said a word in months about his buddies in China putting Hong Kong protesters in jail for three years if they disrespect the anthem there. Fascinating.

The states that reopened are fine. The media lied.

Donald J. Trump has delivered for black Americans his entire political career--which is three more years than Joe Biden did during his five decades in government.

Can someone articulate how Trump is to blame for police brutality in a city controlled by Democrats for decades?

Has Joe Biden decided how many dead cops are needed before he joins Trump to speak out against the rioting?

It's the same "woke" white hipsters with their skinny jeans and "man buns" that were too scared to leave their apartment last week, who are in crowds of thousands egging cars and burning buildings. Thank you for your sudden passion for "civil rights" please go back to quarantine

You would think Democrats could muster the same outrage against rioting, looting, and arson that they do for Trump's tweets. Nope.

I hired Trump to stand up to the mob.

You think Nancy Pelosi spent three decades amassing a $100 million fortune in congress because she cares about black lives--or anyone else? Give me a freaking break.

Everything happening in America is because Trump broke the ruling class.

Seemed like last week during COVID all first responders were heroes. Now they're getting bricks thrown at them and called murders. Pick a lane.

Without the Second Amendment, a lot of conservatives would already be in gulags. Whenever I'd say this, "respectable" conservatives claimed it was hyperbole. Go to a march. Wear a FoxNews shirt. See what happens.

LOL. The hydroxychloroquine study used by CNN to shame Trump has been retracted. It was garbage. Trump was right--again.

Planned Parenthood just released a statement, echoing its commitment to Black Lives Matter. Commitment to what? Their extinction?

So thousands can attend George Floyd's funeral but you can't attend your relatives'?

The biggest lesson from the faux Drew Brees controversy is that you get zero woke points for cowering to the SJW mob. In fact, when you bow to them, they only cancel you that much harder.

Can someone articulate how Trump is to blame for police brutality in a city controlled by Democrats for decades?

Democrats are cheering the total destruction of cities they control to "own Trump."

Quoted @Slate

According to one employee, Senator Tom Cotton’s column has netted the Times the highest ever number of cancellations in a single hour.


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